The four advantages of RTM MAPP torches

Date: 2011-12-21 03:30 Popularity: 10163°
1 High Efficiency:
RTM MAPP torch employs industry-leading technical spiralflow flames , combining with our RTMAPP gas or MAP-PRO and so on, it reaches the required welding operations temperature (about to 1350 ℃) in a very short time with combustion-supporting air, and this temperature meets most of metals’ brazing welding needs. Comparing with the traditional oxygen - acetylene welding, it is particularly suitable for welding non-ferrous metals and alloys, thin small parts, and low melting point materials as it heats uniformly and relatively slowly, therefore the weld time and weld quality were significantly improved. Due to its larger heat area and relatively soft flame, it is good at application of flame correction and local heating which the traditional welding processes cannot made.
In the welding process of non-ferrous metal, whether adopting fusion welding or low-temperature brazing, solder in order to avoid the loss of its form often uses socket connector assembly method. and it is often difficult to detect welding defects, and forms potential equipment problems due to the relatively deep socket, Take aluminum welding for example, since the aluminum is very reactive metal, especially in the welding process under high temperature it is easily become oxygen affinity and forms aluminum oxide (alumina or over) on the surface of the molten pool. Traditional welding method often in oxygen combustion, and due to the presence of excess oxygen, it results in welded joints within the pores, slag and other defects inevitably. When using RTM MAPP torch, the gas ejected from the barrel which 78% nitrogen becomes protective gas during welding process, to effectively prevent the intrusion of oxygen around the weld. In addition, carbon monoxide gas in the weld surface can effectively deoxidize high-temperature oxidation metals, thereby to improve the weld quality effectively.

2 Almightiness:
RTM torch’s flame intensity adjustment feature allows you to choose a stable flame temperature to adapt to the different requirements of brazing metal. It is helpful to avoid the defects (such as local over-heating in thin tube, over-oxidation) due to the high temperature in the core flame. This cannot be achieved by traditional process of oxygen flue. RTM torch has a wide flame intensity adjustment range, to avoid the solder outflow, and Solder Skips caused by instable temperature. It significantly reduces the probability of pores, slag, welding cracks defects, and ensures the welding quality. Meanwhile, it has many kinds of torch tips such as electronic ignition, single tube, double pipe and other torch tip to meet your various needs.

3 Convenience:
RTM MAPP torch ensures the welding efficiency, while it also emphasizes on the flexibility and portability in the usage. The clever designed tip can be rotated 360 °, make it possible to be used in a variety of environments that bring you with unprecedented convenience which you never experienced before. At the same time, RTM MAPP torch and its matching accessories are designed to be compact, portable and easy to take, versatility, and without the constraints of connecting to the gun hose (such as oxygen tube, combustible gas tube) during usage, therefore they are particularly suitable in complex operations environments, and wild used in the mechanical and electrical, chemical, equipment maintenance and other areas (such as refrigeration maintenance, field operations, machinery, construction and installation, dispersed flow characteristics of the construction). Now you can say farewell to the traditional bulky welding tools. With our Smart designed RTMAPP gas, you only need a small toolbox to put a full set of welding tools. Not only let you reduce the use of cost, but also bring you more convenience, more comfort, more advanced welding experience.

4 Safety:
With industry-leading four-fold safety interlock design, RTM MAPP torch gets rid of various misoperational trouble for you, and minimizes the risk of misoperation of unskilled users (this configuration depending on the specific gun model). Meanwhile, the advanced anti-tempering technology minimizes the risk of tempering, and make you don’t worry about the tempering problem during usage. RTM also has unique advantages that other traditional torch oxygen - acetylene gas welding do not have--That is the residual gas of RTMAPP gas which does not burn completely in the first period, will combust with oxygen in ambient air and produces carbon dioxide in the outer flame, which can effectively avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning occurred during welding occurs, to the greatest degree of protection to your security. At the same time, the intuitive and detailed safety manual is attached. Your safe used is the primary principle during the design of products.