Comparison and Analysis on the safety between RTM-027 self lighting hand torch and other trigger-start torches

Date: 2011-12-21 04:23 Popularity: 6403°
       Comparing to other brand of torches with similar appearance and functions, RTM-027, which produced by RTM company, has a more unique structure design. From practical test, RTM-027 performed a faster heating rate and more perfect flame, as well as more safe protection to the operators.

     The reason for RTM-027 ahead of others, is that of more advanced design concepts of RTM-027. For example of safety, there are no principle of distinction on design of the connection of gas cylinder, but a big difference existing on structure design of the reducing pressure valve and trigger system.
1 Decompression part:
      RTM-027 MAPP torch set independently in the brass shell which manufactured by machinng. there are separate gas needle and decompression components, the thickness of its weakest locate at R5 is in minimum of 1.4mm (tube). In order to prevent from corrosion by harmful impurities in flammable gas, its key components are made by the austenitic stainless steel or use plated nickel to protect. there is sufficient space whinin the gas needle part to set the second liquid - gas separator stage device. Therefore through decompression part the flammable liquefied gas cannot only be gasified completely but also keep stable in the design state, thus ensures the stability of combustion and maximize the combustion efficiency.
     In other brands’ MAPP torch, the decompression part is set in a stainless steel inner, the material thickness is 0.3mm only. The inner is thin, although take some remedies measures (such as :outer of inner and aluminium casting outer shell of the torch uses movable fit method to bind deformation after force and improve inner strength). but as a result of cold work hardening, the material allowable stress and tensile strength reduce significantly (mainly caused by the plastic reduce). since the cylinder pressure is high (20 ℃ at ≥ 1MPa), and the liquid is the combustible gas which may become potential risks (since the aluminum cavity is interlinked with the atmosphere, once the liner was split by the high-pressure gas, it would lead to gas leakage, even make the operator severe burnt or occurrence of more serious fires). other brand torch use the valve core and valve parts in stead of the RTM-027 advanced air-pin components, have no position left in the decompression valve to set a for the second liquid - gas separator stage device, therefore only can install it at the nozzle. Analysising from the design structure, pre-filter configuration may has the following drawbacks:
1. through the first stage separation device at cylinder thimble, residual liquid may be too late to gasify, and enter the nozzle, although there is a second liquid-gas separator device at the nozzle, it is close to the nozzle, it has a large probability to form liquid at the nozzle, and lead to nozzle clogging.
2. As corrosion is more serious by the liquid than by gas (mainly sulfur corrosion), harmful impurities of flammable gases left without gasified will lead to corrosion. And the nozzle diameter is 0.3 mm only, it will cause deviation from the design of combustion when corroded (lower temperature and thermal efficiency)
3 Once the liquid ingredients exit at the nozzle, it will seriously affect the gas flow rate. Low gas flow rate will directly lead to the reduce of the amount of air inhaled (ie, oxygen), finally result in incomplete combustion, and forming carbon monoxide, reducing thermal efficiency, and increasing gas consumption.(RTM company's RTM-027 torch nozzle design flow rate> 50m / s).
2 Valve switch part:
     RTM company's RTM-027 torch has a reaction spring after the valve core switch in the valve. Even if the valve core don’t reset smoothly due to a variety of complex reasons, it can be force off by the spring. Regardless of whether the valve is closed or not, when to release button, the gas channel will be cut off reliably, to achieve the purposes of safe use.
     Products of other brands which similar in appearance and function in the market rely solely on the valve inside work spring to reset. The ability to cope with complex conditions is weaker than RTM-027 torch (valve core can not be reset will lead the flame can’t die out after release the button)