Recovery And Recycling Machine RM-779

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Charging And Recovery Unit RM-779

Charging And Recovery Unit RM-779

RM-779 machine are simplest,easiest-to-use A/C service centers helping technicians meet today's tough service standards.Operation is quick and efficient,lowering A/C service costs. The RM-779 automatic plus provide full cycle recovery/recycle/evacuate/recharge to bring the vehicle back to factory spec with the press of one button.Both units offer:

  • Chinese and English are available.
  • Large LCD display unit, automatically display the daily maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Automatically prompts next-step concrete operations,irrelevant button auto self-lock to prevent from improper operation,easy to operate and no special training needed.
  • Auto-alarm for disoperation and malfunction such as overheating,low oil level.Short of refrigerant etc.
  • Auto data recording system.
  • Maintenance message display.
  • Equipped with a special device for recharging refrigeration oil and UV.
  • Fully automated system in refrigerant recovery,recycling,recharging,air evacuation and A/C system closed loop-cleaning.
  • Scientific design and excellent refrigerant oil separation improves the quality of recycled refrigerant,and prolonging the life of the equipment.
  • Built in an integrated automobile information data base for easy maintenance.
  • Auto-prompt for replacements of the necessary consumable parts.
  • High-precision electronic scale for accurate dosing of refrigerant recharge.
  • Equipped with heavy-duty filter drier to reduce the frequency of replacement.
  • To be safe,equipped with safety valve &air evacuation valve in the steel cylinder.
  • Special oil recirculation function prolongs the service of life of the compressor.
  • User and process friendly:The display provides action to be carried at each step.All valves are automatically operated to minimize any mishandling.
  • Attained CE Quality Certification and ISO14100 Certification.

Technical Parameter
 Recovery tank:  22kgs  Recycling rate:  360g/m
 Recovery rate:  420g/m  Recharging rate:  900g/m
 Vacuuming rate:  180L/m  Application refrigerant:  R134a
 Precision of electronic scale:  -/+2G  Weight:  118kgs
 Power supply:  220v/110v--50/60HZ  Meas:  81*66*132cm

Additional RM-779 features:

  • Automatic tank full and high pressure shut-offs.
  • 1/2 hp oil-filled hermetic compressor.
  • Advanced shock-resistant scale.
  • One touch Oil Injection.
  • One touch Oil Drain.
  • One touch Air Purge.

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